Thursday, March 13, 2014

Chia super seeds

While I'm waiting for my chia pudding, here are the super benefits of these tiny super seeds

- it contains calcium, manganese, phosphorous and healthy omega-3 fats
- it gives you an energy boost 
- it acts as a sleep aid
- anti-aging, of course you're never too young to start
- it controls your blood sugar
- curbs food craving
- helps with digestion and flammation 
- helps with controlling your weight
- it lowers your cholesterol 
- it prevents cancer

Again, loads of reason to buy the super uber seeds and use them in your daily food. You can eat them for example in a chia pudding, blend them in your smoothie, in your breakfast oatmeal etc etc etc etc etc.. The easiest way to eat them is to add it to everything and anything. Need inspiration? Check my other blogs :)

Where to buy? 
In most cases they sell them in biological stores or markets. Are you Dutch? Then you can buy them at "In De Tuinen" in bags of 250GR or 500GR. 

What do you need?
- 1 spoon chia seeds
- goji berries
- 1,5 cup soy milk
- honey
- 1 spoon dried coconut
- fruits like strawberries, banana, berries or what you are craving for :)

How to make? 
Mix the seeds, soy milk, honey and dried coconut in a glass. Put it in the fridge for at least one hour. (It's also possible to let it stay overnight.)

"Tik.. tak.. One hour further.."

Get the glass out, put your favorite fruits on top with goji berries and enjoy your self made double superfood pudding! 

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